Ten delicious, light and, in good health sandwich

There is a wide variety of festivities spread throughout the annual calendar, most of which we are unaware of. One of these great unknowns corresponds to one of the most consumed snacks or meals in the world: World in good health sandwich Day . Its celebration corresponds every year to November 3, coinciding with the birth of what is considered its creator in the 18th century, the Englishman John Montagu, IV Earl of in good health sandwich. It is assumed that this nobleman asked his servants to serve him food between two loaves of bread in order to avoid getting dirty while he played cards.

The Royal Spanish Academy, RAE, defines this snack as a “sandwich made with two slices of bread between which ham, cheese, sausage, vegetables or other foods are placed.” On the occasion of the celebration of his day, and the versatility of this type of food, thanks to TVE’s Saber Vivir blog , we make a collection of the 10 sandwiches that can save you when preparing a quick dinner, always in a healthy way.
1. Healthy and aromatic sandwich
This sandwich is rich in protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals thanks to the fact that its main ingredient is wild asparagus. To do it you just have to combine these vegetables with soybean sprouts, garlic and basil. Additionally, you can spread the bread with sesame paste, called Tahini, and you will get a juicier sandwich with healthy fats, phytosterols, vitamins and minerals.

2. Sandwich to take on a hike
If what we want is a sandwich with a great contribution of protein and calcium, we should choose to combine cheese with spinach, whose folic acid helps care for the skin and hair. This mix is ​​a great source of protein, iron, vitamins and minerals.

3. Super energy sandwich
It is ideal to start the day with energy. Contains lettuce, tuna, egg and tomato. Also, if you want even more flavor, you can add a teaspoon of mayonnaise, if it is homemade much better. Omega 3 acid, proteins and antioxidant power stand out within the characteristics of this sandwich.

4. Sandwich to increase muscles
This type of sandwich is ideal for adding protein, since it combines chicken, bacon and egg. To make it even healthier, it is recommended to use a little oil to fry both the egg and the meat. You can also add lettuce which provides fiber and very few calories.

5. Budget sandwich
One of the most used resources in Spanish homes. It results from combining leftovers from the previous day’s meals under our bread , recycling and saving on resources. Saber Vivir opts for a combination of eggplant, chicken, mozzarella cheese, basil, fried tomato, Emmental cheese and olive oil. A healthy mix of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Additionally, you can season it with salt and pepper.

6. Updated Classic Sandwich
The mixed sandwich is the most consumed in the entire world. This combination of York ham and cheese, in addition to being easy to prepare, is delicious and is one of the most useful options to get out of a pinch. If you want to give it a twist, add salt and pepper and, on a special occasion, you can choose to cover it with bechamel.

7. Vegetable protein sandwich
This bite incorporates mushrooms and mushrooms along with chicken, tomato and lamb’s lettuce. It stands out for containing proteins, iron, vitamin C and iodine. One of the most widespread recommendations is to always opt, whether in this sandwich or another variety, for whole wheat bread given its large amount of essential fatty acids.

8. Sandwich with fruit
Combine the tomato, spinach and green asparagus with pieces of pear, as well as egg. This is one of the most unthinkable mixtures a priori, but the result is a delicious combination, with proteins, antioxidants and a high fiber content. If you want to add a special touch, add a sprig of rosemary which, in addition to giving it a special aroma, also has cleansing properties.

9. Healthy but exquisite sandwich
Salmon is an unmatched source of omega 3 acid, in addition to having a flavor that makes it have multiple recipes for its consumption . If we add olives , we will also have a sandwich rich in healthy fats. To conclude, we will add a little lettuce with folates, provitamin A and vitamins C and E.

10. Complete sandwich
Anchovy, tuna, tomato, egg, lettuce and olives , what you need for a complete breakfast full of healthy fats, as well as proteins of high biological value, vitamins B and C and a great source of iron. We find carbohydrates in bread, so we won’t miss anything thanks to this tasty sandwich.

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