Ideas To Take Advantage Of The Basement

Taking advantage of a large basement to create our bar is a great luxury. Imagine a bar with the drinks that we like the most, with the most comfortable stools, with a sofa that we will always find free, in short, creating the bar of our dreams. Without a doubt, the place in our home that we will end up most proud of and where we will invite our friends to show off and have a good time. And if you don’t invite them, they will appear by surprise.

A game room

Playing is fantastic at any age, only the fun changes. In renovated basements, you can create a playroom for children, but perhaps for security reasons, it is not the most appropriate place in the house, as it is relatively separated from the rest of the rooms.

On the other hand, this somewhat isolated location makes the basements the ideal space to become a games room for the elderly. Depending on the available space, a pool table, a ping pong table, a foosball table or something that allows us to do one of the most typical activities of human beings may appear there: Play.

One more room in the house

For those rooms in a basement, the more homely sensations are increased with the presence of a fireplace. If you decide to install it during the construction phase of the property, you only have to plan for the smoke outlet from the fire. However, if the conversion of a basement into a cozy living room is done with the construction completed, we do not have to give up that fireplace.

Their traditional forms can always be recreated, but firewood will be replaced by the combustion of ethanol, which is much cleaner.

A modern media room

Another option for a large basement is to transform it into an attractive media room. A paradise for audiovisual devices and for people who like to enjoy movies, music, or interactive games. It’s like having an arcade at home, but with the enormous advantage that you can use them whenever you feel like it, which will surely be very often.

The most appropriate place for the winery

The most traditional wineries are located in underground rooms due to the environmental conditions they provide for the coveted wines stored there. If you are an enology enthusiast, without a doubt your dream is to have your winery to store your wines.

To store them and to drink them, since your basement cellar is not only bottle storage, but it is the best place to taste them, installing the furniture that best suits your tastes. Although the word winery evokes a rustic atmosphere, the truth is that the design of yours can be very varied and personal.

More ideas to take advantage of a basement. In this case for one that is not large in size and that its own rustic architecture provides it with a certain charm. If so, it may be an ideal place to offer a bedroom to your guests. 

Depending on the climate, it will have to be equipped with its heating, while freshness during the summer months is guaranteed. That is, by taking care of its environmental conditions, providing it with the essential furniture for a bedroom and having its peculiar aesthetics, you will make your visitors feel special sleeping in your guest room.

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