Is LASIK Right for You? Pros and Cons of Laser Vision Correction

The increased rate of working and busy life pushes individuals to look forward to ways of enhancing their lives, and for those with vision challenges, LASIK eye surgery presents itself as that perfect way. One of the most commonly undertaken surgical treatments aimed at eliminating a person’s vision problems through modification of corneal tissue with laser.

On one hand people love the idea of no more glasses or contacts; on the other hand it is important to know what are options and drawbacks of LASIK surgery.

Again, the Advantages of LASIK Surgery

1. Improved Vision

Some of the main advantages of the operation are linked with the possibilities of achieving a much better vision. Most patient’s vision is corrected to 20/20 or their vision even becomes better than that; that means no more need for glasses for reading, driving, or even in sports.

2. Quick and Painless Procedure

LASIK is famous for being minimally invasive to the patient and extremely fast. Certainly the surgery only lasts for about 15 minutes and patients normally do not feel a lot of pain. There are also drops that are placed into the eyes to make the patient numb hence will not feel any pain during the surgery.

3. Rapid Recovery Time

The recuperation from LASIK surgery is relatively fast. Soreness and slight discomfort are common; however, patients can see well enough to drive the next day or the day after, and most are back to work within a day or two. The minimal amount of time that is required for the treatment is also another advantage especially to those who have tight schedules.

4. Long-Lasting Results

One should also be aware of the fact that the outcomes of LASIK are usually long-term ones. Sure, some patient requires a minor augmentation after ten years, but many patients live with enhanced vision for at least ten years. This long term advantage makes LASIK cheaper when compared to the perpetual costs with regards to the use of glasses and contact lenses.

5. Increased Convenience and Freedom

To all those who get bored of having to wear glasses or glasses contacts on a daily basis, there is every feeling of freedom with LASIK. Such as the fact that you can wake up in the morning, open your eyes and not look for your spectacle.

The following discuss some of the pros that comes with LASIK eye surgery;

1. Potential Risks and Complications

Like all types of surgery, there are some risks involved in this eye surgery popularly known as LASIK. During those rare incidences that complications may occurs, they include; dryness of eyes, veiling of objects by a glare, halo formation around light, and even under or over correction. The beneficiary should consider the following potential risks in the course of a discussion with the surgeon.

2. Not Suitable for Everyone

This procedure, however, has its limitations meaning LASIK is not ideal for everyone. It is therefore advised that people with specific health conditions, those with thin corneas or individuals with severe conditions of refractive errors may not qualify for the surgery. Before a person considers getting a LASIK surgery, he or she must first undergo a complete eye check-up.

3. Cost

There is also the cost to consider when it comes to undergoing LASIK. The use of contact lenses can be somewhat cheaper than acquiring glasses but the initial investment is a bit more. The next point is the financial consideration /funding and options if and when required.

4. Chances of Developing an Eyeglass Need in the Future

A majority of patients attain great corrected vision and the odds are that you may require the use of spectacles or contact lenses in future even after LASIK surgery due to compelling factors such as presbyopia which is the aging related condition that affects the near sighted vision. The other thing that I came to know about LASIK eye surgery is that this eye treatment does not in any way hinder the occurrences of changes in vision that is associated with age.

5. Post-Surgery Discomfort

After the surgery, some of the patients may feel mild discomfort of the eyes or itchiness or dryness of the eyes. These are appeared symptoms are usually temporary but may be slightly annoying during the first days of the healing period, nevertheless, they are treated with eye drops.

Making an Informed Decision

It is thus important that people decide if they want to undergo LASIK by balancing all the pros and cons. One must have reasonable expectations and know the advantages and disadvantages which can be received in the near future. To know if you are good candidate for this procedure, it is wise to sit down with an experienced eye surgeon and share with him/her.

Thus, it is rather obvious that there are millions of patients who are eager to get rid of glasses and contact lenses, and this is the primary advantage of LASIK. If one compares the advantages and disadvantage and consult his choice with his attorney, he will be in a position to take a wise decision.

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