Regency Era Fashion: A Glimpse into Elegance and Sophistication

The premiere (and dazzling success) of series such as The Bridgertons or The Golden Age brought back the clothing worn in the Regency Era Fashion period. It was the 19th century when women were seen clad in empire-style dresses, period gloves that became synonymous with ostentation and luxury, creations with vigorous sleeves and footwear that was worthy of being worn at extremely formal events in London’s High Society.

Nowadays, thanks to the Regencycore trend, a stylistic trend that developed with the emergence of these film projects in street style, we can defend all those pieces of clothing and accessories that transport us in the blink of an eye to the traditional (and sumptuous) dances of the period. Influences from past centuries that, today, seem more appealing than ever. The glamor that each of the garments that made up the dressing rooms of wealthy class women exuded returns to enter the closets of each of us, with the intention of making us feel more favored than ever.

How to apply Regency clothing to everyday looks?
Corset with pants

There is a garment that is the maximum expression of the Regency era: the corset. A piece that, without a doubt, comes to modify the concept of sensuality with which we have always lived. Firms like Schiaparelli, at Haute Couture Fashion Week, were the inspiration we needed to know how to embrace the rigid romanticism that was breathed in 19th century High Society through corsets and bustiers. Oppressive creations or symbols of eroticism and women’s liberation? Be that as it may, the it girl in the image proposes combining a lace corset with a jacket and pants with a checkered print. Proposal of style ideal for situations in which extreme formality is not required.

Opera gloves with sartorial set

Opera gloves, made of tulle or silk, have become one of the most requested fashion trends in recent months. Although they continue to be carried as a status symbol for some, today, brands have invented more informal models of them in leather, like the one worn by the style prescriber in street style. Without a doubt, it will become the idyllic accessory to add an iota of sophistication and elegance to the looks we wear this season. In this case, we see it combined with a sartorial-inspired three-piece consisting of a coat, shirt (with a bow at the neck) and skirt.
Empire dress with thong sandals

Empire-cut dresses, that is, those that have an extremely high waist, below the chest, have been – since last spring – the most sought-after summer garments due to the mass phenomenon that surrounds period series such as those already mentioned. . Is there a woman who has not wanted to wear a dress of this silhouette? The femininity and romanticism that they exude is definitely captivating the streets of the great fashion capitals. The sector expert we see below wears an empire-line dress with puffed sleeves and thong sandals, a style trend that is leading the footwear trend lists.

Lingerie with transparencies

Wearing underwear with garments that advocate transparency and, thus, making it visible, is a fashionable stylistic practice for the following seasons. Dressing sexy is the order of the day, which is why brands like Fendi have not hesitated to opt for lingerie clothing in their recent collections. The model from said fashion house shows how a floaty dress can fit perfectly with other items that, in the same way, remind us of the Regency era, such as opera gloves or the underwear set.
Floral prints on dresses with a train

Dresses with a train or built-in cape are magnetic. Both details denote sumptuousness and luxury everywhere, so it is not surprising that women with the most exquisite tastes succumb to them in the spring and summer periods. On this occasion, it was Carolina Herrera, the designer who launched the floral dress that – surely – would have been worn, today, by the women of London’s High Society.

Pearl accessories with jeweled shoes

The brilliance that defined the Regency era has also influenced the clothing we have seen on screen from The Bridgertons. Rhinestones and pearls were responsible for decorating the outfits worn by the performers and, now, they seem to be within our reach. Emili Sindlev shows us how to apply attractive accessories to casual looks. The it girl suggests combining a pearl necklace with a two-piece set consisting of a cardigan and midi skirt and ankle boots with jewel applications.

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