How To Set Up Your Team for Success for Virtual Sales Pitches

Sales team leaders can take several steps to set team members up to deliver successful virtual sales pitches. From customizing an approach for each audience by posing pre-pitch questions to setting an agenda for pitches, rehearsing stories and setting up a custom Zoom background with logo for your team to use, here are four ways for you to help the members of your sales team develop leads through virtual pitches.

Asking Questions Before the Meeting

Sales pitches that factor in the priorities of each lead are more likely to succeed. It is a good idea to pose questions to prospective customers prior to a virtual pitch. Up to a week before each pitch, have team members contact leads and inquire about their specific needs. 

You can help members of your sales team revise the standard pitch agenda based on responses to pre-meeting questions. Asking questions in advance also makes it possible to research how the products or services you sell have worked for similar customers and even request testimonials. 

Sticking to an Agenda

Effective sales pitches broadly follow a set agenda. There should be a standard outline in place, even if you work with team members to vary this agenda slightly to match the interests of leads. In general, every member of your team should stick to the agenda to deliver consistent presentations of the products or services you sell.

An agenda can also keep sales team members from getting distracted. If prospective customers raise questions that could lead a pitch off track, have team members assure customers that they will answer their questions during the presentation or make a note and address the question during a designated Q&A session. An agenda can standardize the content of pitches just as using a virtual office background for Teams sets a professional standard for the appearance of your business.

Tell a Story

The most effective sales pitches tell stories about how products or services solve problems. You can help your team develop several narratives for different audiences and decide which story to tell to each lead.

Story-based virtual pitches can capture and hold the attention of prospective customers. When you pair engaging content with professional Zoom backgrounds that give every member of your team a polished presentation and reduce on-camera distractions, their pitches can be even more likely to result in sales.

Add Your Logo to a Virtual Background

Consistent branding is essential for virtual sales pitches. Use a free or premium background that makes it easy to upload and display a logo. Every member of your team can use the same background design or upload the logo file to a virtual background of their choice.

Taking these steps can set the members of your virtual sales team apart from the competition. Many sales professionals do not ask prospects questions to guide pitches, use a consistent agenda or present virtual pitches in branded, professional-looking settings. By taking these steps, you can increase the likelihood that the members on your team will close deals.

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