24 Fun Virtual Team Games For Meetings in 2023

Virtual team meetings have become a standard part of the modern work environment, and keeping team members engaged and connected is essential for productivity and collaboration. Incorporating fun virtual team games into your meetings is an excellent way to break the ice, foster team spirit, and boost morale. In 2023, there are plenty of creative and interactive virtual team games such as slot to choose from, ensuring that your team meetings are enjoyable and productive. In this article, we’ll explore 24 fun virtual team games perfect for meetings in 2023.

24 Fun Virtual Team Games For Meetings

1. Two Truths and a Lie

Break the ice with this classic game where team members take turns sharing two true statements and one false statement, and others guess which one is the lie.

2. Virtual Trivia Showdown

Host a friendly virtual trivia competition with questions ranging from general knowledge to company-specific facts.

3. Online Icebreaker Questions

Start the meeting with fun icebreaker questions to get the team talking and connecting.

4. Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Organize a virtual scavenger hunt where team members search for specific items within their homes or online.

5. Online Team Building Bingo

Create custom bingo cards with team-related activities or achievements, and mark off squares during the meeting.

6. Emoji Charades

Use emojis to act out phrases, movies, or famous quotes, and have others guess the correct answer.

7. Show and Tell

Encourage team members to share something interesting or meaningful to them, whether it’s an object, a photo, or a story.

8. Online Pictionary Showdown

Play Pictionary online in teams, with team members drawing and guessing each other’s doodles.

9. Guess the Sound

Play various sounds or music clips, and have participants guess what they are without seeing the source.

10. Virtual Escape Room

Team up to solve puzzles and escape from a virtual escape room scenario, fostering collaboration and problem-solving skills.

11. Online Talent Show

Invite team members to showcase their talents, whether it’s singing, dancing, magic tricks, or any other skill.

12. Online Cook-Off

Challenge team members to a virtual cook-off, where they prepare a dish within a time limit and present it on screen.

13. Trivia Murder Party

Play the interactive trivia game “Trivia Murder Party,” where participants compete in trivia and face off in mini-games.

14. Online Drawing Contest

Engage in a friendly drawing contest using online drawing platforms, with participants voting on their favorite artworks.

15. Virtual Karaoke

Sing along to favorite songs with virtual karaoke, allowing participants to unleash their inner performers.

16. Virtual Mixology

Host a virtual mixology session where team members learn to make cocktails or mocktails together.

17. Online Riddles and Brainteasers

Challenge team members with online riddles and brainteasers, encouraging critical thinking and problem-solving.

18. Virtual Yoga or Exercise Break

Take a virtual break to practice yoga or participate in a quick exercise session to refresh the team’s energy.

19. Online Office Olympics

Create a series of virtual challenges and games inspired by the Olympics, promoting friendly competition and team spirit.

20. Virtual Book Club

Initiate a virtual book club where team members discuss and share insights from a chosen book.

21. Virtual Desert Island Scenario

Engage in a team-building exercise where team members must decide which items to bring to a desert island for survival.

22. Online Mindfulness Meditation

Conduct a virtual mindfulness meditation session to help team members relax and focus.

23. Virtual Charades with a Twist

Add a twist to traditional charades by incorporating team-related terms and work scenarios.

24. Online Collaborative Puzzle

Work together on a virtual jigsaw puzzle, promoting collaboration and teamwork.


Q: Can I incorporate these games into virtual meetings with large teams?

Yes, many of these virtual team games can be adapted for large teams, fostering participation and interaction.

Q: Are these games suitable for both remote and in-person teams?

Absolutely! These virtual team games are versatile and can be enjoyed by remote and in-person teams alike.

Q: Can I use these games for team-building events?

Yes, these fun virtual team games are perfect for team-building events, promoting communication and camaraderie.

Q: Do I need specialized software to play these games?

Most of these virtual team games can be played using standard web browsers or video conferencing platforms.

Q: Can these games be adapted for socializing outside of work?

Yes, these games are excellent for socializing and fostering connections outside of work settings.

Q: Can I customize these games to suit my team’s preferences?

Absolutely! You can customize these virtual team games to align with your team’s interests and preferences.


With these 24 fun virtual team games for meetings in 2023, you can elevate your team’s dynamics, boost morale, and create a positive and engaging atmosphere. Whether you’re breaking the ice with Two Truths and a Lie or solving puzzles in a virtual escape room, these games will make your team meetings enjoyable and productive. Embrace the power of virtual team games like slot gacor , strengthen team bonds, and watch your team thrive in 2023.

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