Adoption, An Alternative Route To Creating A Family

Adopting a child can fulfill your family plan in another way. It is certainly difficult to give up your dream of being a biological child; however, many people who have resorted to adoption, after experiencing failed fertility treatments, can testify that adoption can be a happy and rewarding experience.

Some couples consider adoption very early in the treatment phase and are therefore better prepared if treatment fails. Others consider adoption only at the end of the process. Sometimes, some couples go through several phases of treatment without results before finally considering adoption as the only viable solution.

Adoption isn’t right for everyone, but if you and your partner decide to adopt a child, you need to be prepared. The adoption process takes time, energy, and total commitment.

If you are considering adopting, make sure you are fully informed and prepared for the different aspects that this entails. An Open Door Adoption Agency has a lot of information on the procedures to follow and possible obstacles. You can contact them if you want to conceive your pregnancy or looking to adopt a baby and for other problems.

Things to take into account

A couple who wishes to adopt must take various elements into account. The joint decision to adopt can be the result of a long journey. Furthermore, children intended for adoption have often experienced a lot during their short lives. They will need to get used to it.

In general, the younger a child is adopted, the easier it will be for them to adapt. It is important for you to know that you will likely have to deal with attachment issues, cultural differences, discrimination, and the possibility that the child will want to look for their biological parents.

The complex laws and standards relating to the adoption process must also be taken into account. Laws may vary from country to country.

Furthermore, adoption is associated with considerable costs. The cost of adoption is sometimes a barrier for some couples.

Finally, adoption takes time. Even after filling out the forms, completing the required training, and going through the interview phase, you will still have to wait until a child is ready for adoption. No one can predict or guarantee how long this will take. In some cases, the wait may last longer than expected due to unforeseen circumstances such as a birth mother changing her mind.

Adoption procedure

What is adoption?

Adoption is a legal measure allowing children who, for various reasons, cannot grow up with their natural parents to nevertheless grow up in a normal family. Naturally, the legal aspect is only one part of a much more complex set of notions to take into account, in which the emotional aspect plays an important role. You can choose to adopt a Belgian child or a foreign child. For further information, you can contact the ONE (Office for Birth and Childhood).


Numerous books and websites are available to prepare you for this process. It is important to measure the different aspects of this procedure (legal, financial, emotional, etc.). It may also be interesting to contact parent associations who have been through this journey in order to benefit from their experiences.

You can also find information from professionals such as An Open Door Adoption Agency.

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