A Custom Luggage Set for the Whole Family

Traveling with your family is an exciting bonding experience, but packing and keeping everyone’s belongings organized can be stressful. Luggage sets are the solution to organization, offering stylish and customizable options designed to meet the needs of every family member.   

Personalization for a Unique Touch

Every traveler knows the anxiety of finding baggage at the airport’s claiming area. Trying to pick your bags out of the barrage of beige and black luggage is almost impossible without clear identifying markers.

With custom luggage, you can ensure you never get nervous approaching baggage claims again. You can create luggage sets with bold patterns or colors or bags with your initials in bold and creative fonts. Some luggage manufacturers will even apply custom embroidered patches to your bags.

Customization is an added layer of security. It increases personalization but also strengthens the odds of identifying your bags and reduces the chances of them being left behind.

Match Your Little Ones

You likely know the frustration of finding a luggage size chart and measuring every bag to identify which are check-in or carry-on eligible. Your children shouldn’t have to experience that same struggle. 

Kids need carry-on bags because they can get bored on planes. However, children also like to feel like grown-ups, meaning they like to copy their parents.

You can find companies, like Beis, that create mini versions of their luggage. For example, the mini roller case is a perfect carry-on companion for your son or daughter.

The beauty is you can get copycat luggage for your kids without sacrificing their playful side. Allow your kids to customize their bags with stickers and playful tags.

Sets of 2 or 3

Families come in all shapes and sizes. You need a luggage set that fits your family. Beis and other companies have options for the traveling duo or a whole crew. With sets of two or three bags, you can plan a couples’ getaway or a family road trip.

Two bag options typically include a carry-on and check-in bag. Three bag options usually have a carry-on bag, a medium check-in and a large check-in bag.

Durability and Functionality 

When looking for check-in luggage, it’s about more than fashion and identifiability. Check-in bags must be able to handle the rigors of travel. Even when looking for custom bags, you can select the materials, zippers, and outer shell.

A durable outer shell is vital to protecting the contents of the bag. Many modern baggage designs include a rugged plastic body, ensuring your bags and items won’t get smooshed by other bags.

By choosing luggage with interior organizers and compartments, you can ensure that everything you pack remains in its place. The type of organizer depends on your needs, but they are typically mesh.

Make Family Travel a Breeze

A vacation or trip with the family doesn’t have to be stressful, especially concerning luggage. With the number of manufacturers, you can find custom solutions for all your needs. Contact a local designer and supplier to discover all the customization options available to you and your family.

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